Vishwanath Nagri
Oil on canvas
9 canvases 12″x12″

Oil on canvas
24″x 36″

Barsat ka ek din
Oil on canvas
Diptych 2 x 30″x 30″

Ganga Kinare
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 36″

Kashi ke rang
Acrylic on canvas
36″ x 36″

Kashi darshan
Oil on canvas
36″ x 30″



Acrylic on canvas

24″x 36″

Ghat banarasiya
Oil on deep edge canvases
Diptych 2 x 30″x 36″

Neelkanth Nagri

Oil on canvas

4 canvases 12″x 12″ 

Neelkanth nagri


Mixed media and handmade ceramic on board

3pcs 48″x 15″

Exhibition 104

Kashi City of light

Oil on canvas

24″x 24″

paintings 064

Work from past exhibitions:

Mera Benaras

24″X 36″Oil on canvas

paintings 056

Art Beyond The Canvas exhibition (2014):


Exhibition 068

Tables bases

tables 009

tables 023 - Copy

tables 001

tables 024.JPG

exhibition 578

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